• Bayerischer Wald Moos Claim - enjoy nature
  • Sonne tanken und Kräfte sammeln auf Almen oder Bergbauernhöfen von Bauernhof- und Landurlaub Bayern Claim - soak up the sun and relax
  • Junge im Kuhstall auf einem Kinderhof von Bauernhof- und Landurlaub Bayern Claim - experience exciting
  • Bauernhof- und Landhofurlaub in Bayern Claim - farm-stay holidays
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The Blue Rooster proudly presents: Working farms and Country properties

Treat yourself to a holiday in the country und experience life on a working farm or relax on one of our stunning country properties in Bavaria

Our working farms

Urlaub auf dem Bauernhof in Bayern

You are as close as can be to the heart of our Bavarian countryside when staying on one of our Blue Rooster working farms. It's a perfect way to actively participate in everyday agricultural processes like animal feeding and helping out on the farm. See the sparkle in your children's eyes and enjoy fresh-from-the-field-food!


Working farms are represented in blue colour!

Our country properties

Urlaub auf dem Landhof in Bayern

Over the generations many of our wonderful former working farms have given up agriculture. Our Blue Rooster Country Properties in stunning rural locations are ideal to recover and experience nature. The hosts are commited to life in the country, traditions and local products and still uphold the ethos of our typical Bavarian farms.

Country properties are represented in green colour!



The perfect family holiday destination

To spend your holiday with your whole family does not only mean to relax and to discover, but also, to have the time to experience all the small and the big adventures together. Welcome to Bavaria! – The perfect holiday destination for families!

Lush meadows, the scent of hay, impressive mountain ranges, glittering lakes, pitoresque fairy tale castles and ancient forests - Bavaria is at the same time a natural paradise and a perfect family destination. Every bavarian region - no matter which one you choose, offers innumerable possibilities to experience this fascinating variety together with your children.
 Here is what you can do: Cool down in one of the cristal clear lakes after an exhausting mountain hike; take a dose of healty, fresh, bavarian air while cycling through the hilly landscape; seak the challange when climbing the high rope course, enjoy a speedy downhill ride on the coaster; go for a stroll through the colourful and lively villages and cities of Bavaria!

The little ones can exhaust themselves playing outdoors and experience extraordinary holiday adventures. You need not to worry if the weather is bad: Countless leisure time activities for families like theme parks or indoor water parks with slides and rapids await your visit.

And of course, your farm-stay is the greatest adventure in itself: On our working farms and country properties, your children experience life on the farm and the rythm of nature very closely. The little ones are allowed to help in the stables, to feed the farm animals or to accompany the farmer on the tractor.


Franconian Magic

Franconia combines cultural diversity. architecture and historical heritage to one appealing Ensemble to please your senses.

Beautiful castles adorn the cities, medieval fortresses tower over the valleys, the UNESCO world heritage of the old town of the city of Bamberg, the famous opera house of the city of Bayreuth and the residence of the city of Würzburg are just some of the innumerable highlights of the region. The Limes is also part of the world heritage.

Winding rock mazes, mysterious swamps, flowstone caves, ample forests and fossilized treasures in the lime stone all combine to a splendid setting and fascinating highlight for cyclists, hikers and nature lovers. Franconia's nature provides you with vitality and health: The treasures of nature - among them thermal springs and radon galleries - are supplied as a bundle by the franconian spa towns.

This diversity can also be faound in Franconia's cuisine: Franconian wine and beer, fresh fish and deer specialties and the affectionate hospitality. The best way to experience Franconian culinary delights are guided tours including wine and beer tasting or the specialties weeks in Franconian restaurants.

Text: FrankenTourismus

Upper Bavaria

Favoured by nature

High mountains, deep valleys, lush meadows, sweping rivers and blue lakes: In Upper Bavaria you are a little bit closer to heaven. The unique landscape is supplemented by the warmth, culture and way of life of its inhabitants. Here, traditions are cautiously cultivated and captured.

At the same time, Upper Bavaria ist modern, liberal, open-minded and innovative. This mixture is without comparison and turns your holiday into a dilightful variety of pleasures: Enjoy hiking, cycling, swimming, skiing, the company and warmth of your Upper Bavarian host family, culinary treats and recreation and recovery on your favourite holiday farm.

Allgäu/Bavarian Swabia

Pure Family Bliss

The region inbetween the impact crater "Rieskrater", castle Neuschwanstein and Lake Constance is a real holiday paradise that unites family, scenic and cultural attractions in a unique way. Our southern hosts always offer a hearty welcome to their guests. The Allgäu is pristine and unspoiled with a landscape of unparalleled beauty. Try out the three famous hiking trails and get your dose of fresh air. The "Meadow trail" in the East, the "Water trail" in the foothills of the Alps or the "Mountaintop trail" in the Alps offer a variety of outdoor activities to suit everyone's taste. The Allgäu is also ideal for cycling due to its outstanding cycling path network.

Futher up north, where the swabian dialect ist spoken, lies the region of Bavarian Swabia: The region is home of the famous LEGOLAND Germany, the puppet play "Augsburger Puppenkiste" and the mighty castle of Harburg.  The passion for country living is perceptible throughout the region. Welcome to the idyllic farms of our region!

The Bavarian Forest/Upper Palatinate

Always worth a visit

The Bavarian Forest and Upper Palatinate are characterized by ample forests and green cultivated landscapes. The mediterranean karst landscape of the Bavarian Jura is located in the Western part of the Bavarian Forest and hence in the Heart of Bavaria inbetween the cities of Ratisbon and Nuremberg. The Bavarian Golf- und Thermenland, located in the South of the Bavarian Forest, inbetween the cities of Ratisbon and Passau, is a fertile region, due to the river danube. The region is home to many famous thermal spas and golf courses.

Holiday in the country is recreative:The rivers are splendid companions for cycling tours, the low mountain ranges are ideal for hiking and the warm water of the many thermal spas promise a pure sense of well-beeing.

Furthermore, there is the famous Glasstraße, a holiday route of traditional glassblower's art as well as innumerable festivities, festivals and old traditions in the course of the year.  

If you want to spent a day in the city, the coice ist yours: The old town of Ratisbon, world heritage of the UNESCO, the three rivers city of Passau, the cities of dukes Landshut and Dingolfing upon Isar, Deggendorf and Straubing, or the jewels of the Upper Palatinate, the cities of Neumarkt i.d. OPf., Amberg and Weiden.