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Welcome to your farm holiday in Bavaria!

The official site of the National Association for farm holiday in Bavaria offers more than 1200 farms to choose from.

Find your dream farm and enjoy the best time of the year with your warm and welcoming farm family. Whatever you prefer, outdoor activities or relaxing or helping out on the farm - farmholiday in Bavaria is good for you!

Bayernkarte Auswahl Upper Bavaria Bavarian Forest / Oberpfalz / Lower Bavaria Allgaeu / Bavarian Swabia Franconia
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1200 farms in Bavaria!

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Familie Rieger
Schneeharding 7
84378 Dietersburg
phone: (08564) 288
fax: (08564) 5278
Are you dreaming of a relaxing and exciting vacation on a farm – dreams come true by us on the quietly located Weber-farm. 2 haflinger and sheep roam on the lush pastures. A dog, cats and rabbits look forward to getting pet. Hen and ducks walk around the farm. For those who like food, our bees co...
ab 22,00 €
2 x
Familie Andreas Auer
Gritschen 94
83131 Nußdorf am Inn
phone: (08032) 8737
fax: (08032) 982960
Grassland farm - mountain farm in a peaceful location, grassland/dairy farm with own mountain pasture, cows, calves, cats, rabbits and ducks. Stunning mountain view. Best hiking options directly from the farm, playground and lawn available. Sauna and yoga. 2 vacation apartments, very comfor...
ab 43,00 €
for 2
Familie Erwin und Eva-Maria Schmitt
Zabelsteinstraße 15
97478 Knetzgau
phone: (09528) 1285
fax: (09528) 940145
Winegrowing - winery/agricultural farm: grassland farm, biotope, wild fields with herbs, hog feeding. Wohnau is a small, romantically located village far from traffic at the foot of the Zabelstein in the Steiger Forest nature park. Ideal wellness are for people that want to relax without noises a...
ab 33,00 €
for 2
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Herr Willi Kiesel
Knottenried 4
87509 Immenstadt
phone: (08320) 323
fax: (08320) 323
Rustically built farm in a beautiful, peaceful location, 1000 m above sea level with a stunning view of the alps. Lawn, parking space, beautiful hiking paths by the house. Cross-country trails, alpine skiing, short vacations welcome, flat rate weeks, special weeks in Spring and Fall. Build with hay,...
ab 37,50 €
for 2
Enjoy with all senses the beautiful nature around your organic farm, vinyard,...
Spend an individual, family-friendly and unforgettable holiday...
Activity holiday, recovery and recreation throughout the year...
Enjoy the cordial hospitality and gain vitiality from nature...
Wie's Wetter an St. Margaret, dasselbe noch vier Wochen steht. Margareta = 13.7.; alte Erfahrung mit sommerlichen Hoch/Tiefdrucklagen