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Welcome to your farm holiday in Bavaria!

The official site of the National Association for farm holiday in Bavaria offers more than 1200 farms to choose from.

Find your dream farm and enjoy the best time of the year with your warm and welcoming farm family. Whatever you prefer, outdoor activities or relaxing or helping out on the farm - farmholiday in Bavaria is good for you!

Bayernkarte Auswahl Upper Bavaria Bavarian Forest / Oberpfalz / Lower Bavaria Allgaeu / Bavarian Swabia Franconia
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+49 (0) 89 / 55 87 36 70

1200 farms in Bavaria!

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Familie Augustin Pfaffenberger
Meisham 36
83125 Eggstätt
phone: (08056) 539
fax: (08056) 1513
The “Hagerhof” Island of tranquillity – with heart and all senses You will live in our romantic, unique farmhouse with historical roots. Our farm was recently completely built and is very near the Chiemsee, embedded in the fantastic 17-lake landscape. Relax in one of the five traditional va...
ab 99,00 €
for 2
spa constribution
3 x
Familie Nikolaus Onnich
Gmeinaustr. 2
82433 Bad Kohlgrub
phone: (08845) 9123
fax: (08845) 75308
Welcome to our cozy, family run houses. The stunning view of Bad Kohlgrub and the mountains will excite you. The Kohler farm and the guesthouse are surrounded by meadows and forests in a stunning and peaceful location. However, it is only a 5 minute walk to the city center. Look forward to relaxing ...
ab 23,00 €
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1 x
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Familie Florian und Monika Hofer
Grünberg 1
83730 Fischbachau
phone: (08028) 601
fax: (08028) 904338
Our BIOLAND FARM is located in a fantastic secluded location (800 m) on the southern slope of the Auerberg. The cozy apartments with fireplace ovens are expandable for 2 families or friends. Enjoy the many peaceful places around the house with the covered outdoor area, garden grill and lawn ch...
ab 55,00 €
for 2
Familie Jakob Binder
Unterneumais 6
94259 Kirchberg im Wald
phone: (09927) 220
fax: (09927) 903335
Comfortable vacation for relaxing, enjoying and a lot more on our farm. An adventure for all children - help and you can really be there - in the stable, on the meadow and in the forest. You can look forward to a cozy atmosphere with Bavarian hospitality that we provide for in our recreation room wi...
ab 25,00 €

inkl. Frühstück
Enjoy with all senses the beautiful nature around your organic farm, vinyard,...
Spend an individual, family-friendly and unforgettable holiday...
Activity holiday, recovery and recreation throughout the year...
Enjoy the cordial hospitality and gain vitiality from nature...
Am feinem Septemberregen ist dem Bauer gelegen.